Cairo's Favourite Store

Christmas decor has come and gone here in our homes but these blankets and candles from Indigo are still keeping us warm. January always feels a bit weird to me. Basically I want to completely reorganize my house and stay in bed all at the same time. Anyone else feel like that?

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One of Cairo’s favourite places is the bookstore (aka Indigo). It’s one of mine too because I get to grab a coffee, push around Ezri in the stroller, and look through some home decor and children’s items. Indigo has so much beauty in their store and I think that’s what makes it so inviting to come in and be inspired for books and decor in our homes.

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When I’m strolling through Indigo with my crew, I often see so many things that I could use in my home or get inspired to work on a small space in our house. This little mini flocked tree has me dreaming of flocking a real, six foot tree in my home one day - can you even imagine?! We have some friends that cut a real tree and get it flocked every year and it is just breathtaking. The crackling firewood and ember candles smell just like Christmas and I think i’ll keep those burning for a few more months :)

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas was read to our kids on Christmas Eve (of course!) and it is now packed away for the rest of the year. We were flying to Winnipeg on New Years Eve so I had all of our Christmas decor put away by December 29th. It felt early but it also felt good at the same time. We came home to a clean home on January 3rd and felt like a fresh start to the year.

We hope this week as kids transition back to school and back to routine, that you are able to hit pause and feel inspired to either clean and reorganize your home or even catch a day lounging in bed!