Kid Essentials: A Washable Rug

I don’t know how many times Cairo has woken up in the middle of the night with a little nose bleed or carried his milk cup and accidentally spilled it, but it was enough for me to desperately need a washable rug.
As much as I would try and spot clean our older rug with Shout and a rag, it just wasn’t cutting it. I’m so grateful that Lorena Canals makes washable rugs - incredibly helpful for families with kids/dogs/clumsy people in their lives, etc.

mill heat and lorena canals-2.jpg
mill heat and lorena canals-5.jpg

We chose the Bereber Rhombs washable rug for our family room because it is similar to the one that Cairo has in his room (you can check that one out here). They are cozy and soft and are prefect for playing on yet easily can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer! They are also handmade and eco-friendly (100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes).

This Natural Leaf Basket is also from Lorena Canals and again is machine washable. Perfect for storing toys or blankets but can easily get cleaned if anything gets spilled.

mill heat and lorena canals-3.jpg
mill heat and lorena canals-10.jpg

We first started out with a shag carpet in our living room and it was hard to vacuum with our dyson but with this new rug from Lorena Canals, everything easily vacuums up and we throw it in our washing machine about once a month. If you have a home with lots of laminate/hardwood, I couldn’t recommend this rug more!