Quick Meal Idea: Nourish Bowl [Basil Pesto]

Hey friends!
Have you heard of these Nourish Bowls? We just tried them from Mann's and think they are a great meal that can be made in a few minutes. Usually when a meal can be made in a couple minutes it is probably not the best for you - however, enter Nourish Bowls. With 15g of plant based protein, these bowls leave you feeling full without the carbs.

nourish bowls-2.jpg
nourish bowls-3.jpg

In addition to kohlrabi, the Basil Pesto Nourish Bowl includes shredded kale, zesty sauce and grated Parmesan. These Basil Pesto Veggie Noodles are a protein-packed meal that only takes 4 minutes in the microwave - perfect for those nights that you just do not feel like cooking dinner!

nourish bowls-4.jpg
nourish bowls-5.jpg

This would be a quick and easy meal on its own or you could add some chicken and fresh broccoli to feed a couple people! I love easy dinners that have a great base that I can choose to serve as is or add a few extra items I have in my fridge. 

nourish bowls-6.jpg
nourish bowls-1.jpg

Also, my husband takes a dinner when he works so it is a bonus that Nourish Bowls can easily be packed for a lunch or dinner at work and he can recycle the container! We are excited to try a few other flavours Mann's carries and let you know which ones we love the most!