Nourish Bowls: Sesame Siracha

Thankful for this little reprieve in weather and a few cooler days to finally clean my house without sweating!
But we are huge fans of the heat and any summer day that involves sunshine where we can head to the beach or any other water source when it is SO hot! I never want to cook on those days because the sun has usually drained me and I can't even THINK about turning my oven on. I'm glad I usually have a Nourish Bowl on hand to take out of the fridge because it is such an easy dinner on hot days.

nourish siracha-5.jpg
nourish siracha-2.jpg

This one is the Sesame Sriracha and did you see all the veggies in that ingredient list?! Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Kohlrabi, and Snap peas - so good. Chelsea and I regularly get together for dinners when our husbands are busy working so today we served this to our kids tonight and it was super easy way to sneak in some vegetables.

nourish siracha-3.jpg

You can definitely eat Nourish Bowls by themselves or you can add in some fresh veggies, meat, or extra toppings. We chose to add some chopped cashews and fresh green onion from Chelsea's garden - both things that are kids really love. We let Jake, Kinsley, and Cairo add in their own toppings (yes it was messy!). We always find that when the kids have a hand in their dinner prep, they tend to eat more of it #momtip. We even put the sauce on the side in case it was too spicy for our kids, but Jake loved it!

nourish siracha-7.jpg
nourish siracha-8.jpg

Kid-approved and summer-approved! This Sesame Sriracha Nourish Bowl flavour is definitely one of our favs, especially for a summer night.