Yogurt Parfaits with BC Tree Fruits

One of our families’ favourite fruits during summer is cherries. My children eat them by the handful, picking off the stems and spitting out the pits. We love supporting local fruit when we can and BC grows so many beautiful cherries it is easy to spot the BC Tree Fruits bags at our local grocery store. My dream one day is to have a backyard big enough to have our own cherry, peach, apple, plum and fig trees growing so my kids can pick fresh fruit to eat every day. However, I am so grateful that I can find locally grown BC fruit so easily this time of year.

BC Tree Fruits-5.jpg

Our favourite way to eat cherries is by the bowl! We all like to fill up a big family bowl and sit on our front porch where the sun shines and polish off half a bag of cherries. Cherries contain natural vitamins and are also a source of fibre, plus they are so sweet and delicious. You cannot beat that deep ruby red colour.

BC Tree Fruits-2.jpg

Lately, my children have been asking for parfaits in the morning for breakfast. So, we added some fresh, sliced up cherries to the top of our parfait, along with some homemade granola for a delicious breakfast meal. You could even sprinkle other toppings to personalize your parfait such as hemp seeds, flax, shredded coconut, sliced almonds, chia seeds etc., but the sweetness from the cherries is simple divine mixed into the parfait.

BC Tree Fruits-4.jpg
BC Tree Fruits-1.jpg

One of my husband’s favourite pies is cherry pie so I need to put that on my list to make sometime soon! There is something about a fresh, homemade pie filled with locally grown fruit that is hard to beat.