Summer Style with Janie and Jack

This is our first full summer in our new home and we feel so blessed to be able to really enjoy it this year! Our front garden is still a work in progress, but we have put in so many hours trying to create a beautiful, welcoming entrance into our home. Jake and Kinsley love gardening with me! Jake often offers to help water the plants and Kinsley, well her favourite is picking all of my blooming flowers!! However, nothing brings my heart more joy than seeing the two of them share a sweet moment together. 

Janie and Jack summer-5.jpg

Janie and Jack always has multiple options for the perfect special occasion outfit. Jake's classic khaki shorts, cuffed at the bottom, paired with the detailed blue dress shirt remind me of how quickly time goes by. He looks like a little man! I want to make sure he learns to be a gentleman and opens car doors, bring flowers home to his future wife and loves others infectiously. Some days it is a struggle, but today, melted my heart when he gave this giant sunflower to his little sister!

I love Kinsley's embroidered peplum top and wish it came in my size too! Janie and Jack's summer line offers wonderful choices for special occasions and the everyday. The pop of colour in the embroidery with the classic blue and white stripe both create a feminine and dainty look. However, what sparked her attention the most was her own purse! She loved wearing it on her shoulder and filling it with her treasures (stuffed animals and snacks). 

Summer is often spent out adventuring but there are these special moments at home that seem to make little memories in my heart that I love! Summer is slowly slipping away so we are trying to soak up these tiny moments as best we can.

Creating with OOLY

I'm going to warn you now but my excitement level for this post is quite high! If you know me at all you, know I love to create. If I can be creating something new with pretty colours then I am one happy girl. My kids love to use art supplies and because I teach art one day a week, my son especially is always asking if I have any work activities he can do. He always sees me leaving with a bag full of fun supplies and wants to join in. So, when I discovered OOLY, my eyes went all big and googly!

OOLY is an online shop full of fun and unique stationary, art, and craft supplies for adults and kids. They had some of the coolest art supplies I've seen in a while for younger children. 

Their packaging is so bright and fun and made me smile as soon as I opened the box. There is something about a rainbow that always makes me feel like a kid again! Kinsley and Cairo used the star shaped crayons. They were the perfect size for their little hands to grab and the colours were vibrant and beautiful! 

Jake needed very little instruction and began creating almost immediately with very little guidance. He was double fisting it at one point :) OOLY has Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers which are double ended. You colour with one end, then switch it, and colour with the switch-eroo side on top to see crazy new colours! It was a moment of wonder!

Seriously....she isn't even 2.....look at that concentration! It was such a creative morning in our house today!

OOLY has these beautify sketch pads that are being released this month. The paper is thick enough so that colours don't bleed through and the cover is beautiful. 

One of our favourite items was the Chunkies Paint Sticks Yes, paint sticks - they almost looked like markers. My kids love painting, but it does take a lot of work to set up. So some days when you just don't have time to do the whole set up, these Chunkies Paint Sticks are perfect. You get the same paint-like texture, but in an easy twist up (almost like a chapstick bottle) container. No mess, but gorgeous colour results! 

When your kids are young, sometimes its daunting to take out paint or markers as they can get quite messy and you might think, "is it worth it"? OOLY really does make great products that cut down on the mess but still allow your kids to develop those fine motor skills that are so important at a young age. Invest in one or two products to start and go from there and I guarantee you will see the benefits, and some of the best little scribble drawings ever :)

How to Beat the Heat

We are heading into a  M A J O R  heat wave here in Vancouver, BC and these kiddos are hanging with their daddies this week as we road trip with our little sister! There may be a bit more indoor play than usual with this high heat wave so our families will be breaking open these Safari Toobs (and a few portable air conditioners)!

Safari Toobs come in so many different collections; from animals, to people, to reptiles, to vehicles. Some of our favourite collections are In the Sky, Farm Animals, Reptiles, Ocean Animals and In the Woods.  I love watching our kids create their own imaginary worlds, act out their own stories, and practice making the sound of EVERY animal! 

But the best part is that at the end of our play time, all of the figurines fit back inside the TOOB and the kids can clean up by themselves! Seriously our 1 year olds (well almost 2) can both put all the animals back into the TOOB! Game Changer!!

I love this picture of Kinsley!! It reminds me and her mom how independent she is as she loves to explore and play with her animals for a few minutes by herself. But showing off to me, her Aunty, because she doesn't want everyone to forget about her!! She never misses out on the fun, but loves some quiet time to herself. 

Yes that's my 22 week prego bump. I’m starting to get to the point where when I sit down, I want to stay down for I bring out the Safari Toobs...or a guitar. Both are a win in Cairo's books.

Jake is obsessed with airplanes, airports, anything that flies really, and my heart both laughed and smiled at the same time when I saw him lining up all the planes. It is definitely something I would have done as a child! He would take them one at a time and practice flying them around the yard and then gently bring them back into their spot in line. I love how his mind thinks sometimes! 

Thank you Safari Toobs for making play time fun, engaging and most importantly, easy to clean up!!

P.S. Mommas....these make the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the little ones!!!!

Summer style with Beau Hudson

Sometimes I forget what a beautiful country I live in! This beach is a 30 minute drive from my home and every time I drive out here, my jaw just drops! It is stunning. Our kids love playing at this beach and we love bringing friends for a morning of fun!

For all the mommas (and dads) out there, it is no secret that we are HUGE fans of Beau Hudson. They make our favourite jeans and shorts that fit almost any body-type perfectly. So, naturally we had to get our hands on their summer short collection here in Canada. 

A Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan CAN be friends. These boys twinning has our hearts just about exploding! The navy and white stripe tee is the perfect summer top as it is lightweight, soft and easy to throw on in the morning! heart never gets tired of pictures like these! Yes, there are moments in the day when no one is getting along, but having these three cousins so close in age is a complete blessing!

You all know how much I love Beau Hudson's Chambray Shirt for ladies, so their sleeveless one for the littles is a favourite of mine too! I love that boys and girls can wear it and you can do the denim on denim look in summer or add a cool pair of black jeggings for the fall. 

But  regardless of what my children are wearing, we take them on adventures to help them learn to discover, explore, and enjoy the beauty that is all around them! Whether we are learning to share a shovel at the beach, helping someone up because they fell on the boardwalk or pointing out the boats to our little cousins, spending time with those you love is so important! So, take the time, and do the adventure. I promise you, it will be worth it. Even if you are vacuuming sand from your car and home for days! Thanks Beau Hudson for helping us dress our kids in style for these beautiful summer days!