What's Popping???

My sister and I wanted to head to the beach today but the weather wasn't on board. So...beach snacks inside for the win!

These three are seriously best friends. They hang out all the time and they are almost always playing happily together. When Cairo is at home, he is always asking "Kinsley, home? Jake, home?" It's been such a fun experience for me with my first kid, having a cousin for him that is the same age and an older cousin to show him the ropes. It's a tiny bit sad for me that I don't have a sister pregnant with me this time around (*hint, hint* Chel lol) but I'm glad our next child will have awesome older cousins to play with!

Our absolute favourite gum company just came out with popcorn! Our kids were the first to try Pur popcorn and it's already well-loved in our house. We have tried the Sea Salt and also their Sweet and Salty and both have subtle tastes that make your hand keep going back in the bag for more.

I think Jake is playing peek a boo, Cairo is trying to figure out how to open the bag, and Kinsley is  always just happy to be part of the party.

But....don't take our word for it...try it yourself! Take a peak at Marshalls and Winners to pick up your own bag of Pur Popcorn, or come over for movie night on Friday!! 

Father's Day

I remember as a little girl dreaming of who my husband might be. Tall? Dark? Blonde? Handsome? Blue eyes? Brown eyes? Singer? Dreamer? I even remember journaling and writing letters to God praying for my husband when I was young. Praying that he would love Jesus, want children one day, love his family and laugh a lot. To be honest, I wanted him to be like my dad. 

My dad was one of my heroes and still is. He worked hard to provide us with an amazing education, he sang to us at night, he built with us kids in the backyard and took us on weekend bike rides. He fixed things, he made funny jokes and he always gave the best directions!

Because of the example my dad set, I had high expectations for my own husband. When I reflect on this list, I realize I landed an incredible man to be the father of my children. He sings to my kids (actually has an incredible voice and doesn't even know it!), makes us laugh, fixes everything, builds my crazy plans, plays with our kids, makes us laugh and most importantly, loves Jesus! 

I am humbled to honour two amazing men this Father's Day. I know this day must be hard for others; those of you who have lost or mourn or simply don't have a father to love. However I still think there is an opportunity to recognize the incredible sacrifice, provision and love that the men in our lives give. 

I put together a small basket of ideas and maybe one will jump out at you to help you honour the man in your life. Something small, something big, something handmade, something written, something personal or something from the heart. 

1. Papasaurus, Daddy Cuddle, You and Me, Me and You - Chronicle Books
2. Starling Candle - The Starling Project
3. Colori Classic Chefs Set - Kuhn Rikon
4. Grey Glass Core Bottle - Zoku
5. Black Cube Sauce Pan - Frieling

A Mama and Her Babies

We have a beautiful trail right by our house. It takes us all the way around two different ponds filled with beautiful birds like Herons, Osprey and Ducks. We walk this often looking for new animals or simply just watching the ducks swim in the water. There is something so refreshing about being outside. I am a homebody and love being at home with my kids. Sometimes I think God gave me children to make me go outside, out of my comfort zone to appreciate new corners of His creation. Well, a few mornings ago, He blew my mind!

Here I was walking with my two babies looking for ducks at the bridge like usual, when we spotted a mama and her babies!! Baby ducklings are so cute and Kinsley and Jake were both overjoyed! I don't think Kinsley had ever seen baby ducklings before and she was delighted. I watched as this mama lead her ducklings through the pond, keeping them close to the bank and checking back often to make sure they were all behind her. It made me stop and think about my own two babies. How my role as a mother is to lead them, guide them, make sure they stay close behind but yet want them to learn how to grow and learn on their own as well. It reminded me how my babies aren't really babies anymore and how quickly the time goes.  

Jake had brought our old mini camera and wanted to capture the moment himself. So sweet!

So today, I am grateful for the many walks I am able to take my kids on. I know these are moments I will treasure as they get older. I will remind them that they were once little ducklings too and no matter how big they get, they will always be my babies. I love that once you're a mom, you are always a mom. No one can take that love away from you. 

These are my newest shoes for walking with my kids. Classic Black and White Karine Sneakers from UGG  (the Karine's also come in all black which is amazing too!) and they are the comfiest sneaker I have ever worn! They are perfect for this walking and adventuring mama! However if classic black and white is not your thing, UGG has so many different styles, colours and sizes for your whole family!! Today I am thankful for the many steps I have the privilege of taking with my kids and I am looking forward to the thousands more. 

Brie Girl's Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago we had the honour of throwing our little sister's Bridal Shower. We still can't believe our Brie Girl is getting married in just over a month!!!!
We are so excited to share with you all the details from this shower we got to throw for Brie. Thank you to all the amazing ladies that were able to come and pour love onto Brie as she gets ready to be married!!

Anytime we throw a party we always end up doing a few little DIY projects. Growing up we were always encouraged to be creative and use things that we have in a different way. So, I'm not sure if you remember our pegboard we used as part of our decor for a baby shower we threw last summer, but we wanted to repurpose it and fell in love with how it turned out! Pegboards are so multifunctional and there are endless options for decor! You get a huge sheet at Rona for about $25 and we cut it down to two different sizes. (other ideas here & here)

One of our favourite, tucked away places to buy dessert in Langley is Sugarplum Desserts. They make the most delicious cakes, cheesecakes, bars, cookie dough and cookies! I have bought so many different items from them in the past and I have always been so impressed with the quality! 

Our guests were treated to SugarPlum Dessert's Carrot Cake, Turtle Cheesecake squares (their Turtle Cheesecake is phenomenal) and New York Cheesecake with berries. 

We are still swooning over these gorgeous cookies from Sugar Plum Desserts that paired perfectly with our tea bar. Tea and a cookie? Yes please! 

We were matching in our blues today with dresses from Pink Blush. Lauren was glad to be in a flowy dress as she was still hiding that little baby bump ;) We love that Pink Blush has so many different cute maternity outfit options!

I was inspired by the spring installation at Magnolia Farms from the mastermind Joanna Gaines! (love her!) So, I hand dyed 100 coffee filters, and then created different sized flowers as our main backdrop. I loved how it turned out and it took some time, but it was relatively easy and a labour of love I enjoy doing. The backdrop doubled as the perfect place to showcase our choices of tea from Murchie's. Murchie's even carries a Wedding blend box of tea which was perfect for our celebration!

But here is the star of our show! The reason why we all wanted to come together and celebrate. I listened as we went around the room and people shared some stories and qualities of Brie they love and the list was unending. To be honest, she lives up to every positive thing people have to say about her. Brie's smile, her heart for Jesus, her love for others, her encouraging words and kind spirit radiate through her! It was truly an honour to bless her. 

It was a magical day and we already have a few tricks up our sleeve for her Bachelorette Party coming soon!!!