Gluten Free Lunch Time Ideas

About a year ago my husband and I started cutting out gluten from our diet. My husband had done some research on the effect of gluten and sugar has on the brain. 

I found it extremely difficult to find Gluten-free bread that tasted good. I love food and I don't like compromising on flavour just because something Is better for me. I want my food to taste good. A lot of gluten free breads I have tried are either dry, flavourless or way too dense. So, we tried many different brands of gluten-free products and I never found a bread that I could use both for sandwiches, toast, croutons, french toast etc. 

little northern bakehouse-1.jpg
little northern bakehouse-2.jpg

A few months ago at Costco, my husband saw Little Northern Bakehouse's gluten-free bread in the bakery aisle. We bought the Seeds and Grains loaf and absolutely loved it! It was flavourful, moist, light and it wasn't dry at all. It was amazing! The package said it was made in Abbotsford, B.C. so I immediately googled the company. They offer a few different Gluten-free Breads such as Raisin Bread, Millet and Chia Loaf, Millet and Chia Buns, and White Wide Slice Loaf - ALL GLUTEN-FREE. 

little northern bakehouse-3.jpg

They even have Millet and Chia Gluten Free Hot Dog buns - perfect for all of our upcoming summer BBQs. 

little northern bakehouse-4.jpg
little northern bakehouse-5.jpg

You can find some of Little Northern Bakehouse's breads at our local Costco in Langley or directly from their bakery in Abbotsford, B.C. Their Instagram account shares a lot of beautiful lunch inspiration ideas too!

P.S. Sprouted Oven just opened up in Abbotsford off of the McCallum Exit. It is a cute little restaurant by Silver Hills Bakery offering so many plant based, gluten free and sprouted grain options for meals! Check them out on Facebook or Instagram @sproutedoven.