Spring or Summer?

Ok can we talk about this gorgeous weather!! It is still spring right?! Here in Vancouver we've had a string of sunshine that I have been loving. Last week I even had a few hours to myself in the evening to go shopping with my sister and it was so warm and gorgeous.

Nights out without children are wonderful yet somehow I'm always thinking about them, wondering what they are doing and start to miss them soon after I leave. I feel honoured to be able to be a stay at home with my kids. Truthfully, some minutes, hours and even whole days are really hard  because I'm just "staying home" with them. I am on a daily journey of mentoring, encouraging, discipling, disciplining, playing and training these two little beautiful humans into becoming people with beautiful hearts. So some days are hard.
Some days are magical.

Most days are filled with fun, laughter and lots of love. However every day is a gift. I write that because even writing it it down makes me hear it and see that reminder again. Every day is a gift. Yes, there will be lots of runny noses, short naps, spilled dinners, teary eyes and messy rooms but there is always lots of smiles, giggles, candid conversation, hugs, kisses and love.

Being able to slip out with my sister for a few hours and enjoy some adult decor and clothing shopping does good for my soul. It makes me appreciate the time I get to be home with my kids even more. Getting ready for the night, I threw on this pocketed grey dress from Pink Blush Maternity (not a maternity dress *wink face*) and was ready to shop the evening away! (Literally threw on - cause as a momma I had about 3 minutes alone to get ready!) I was just chatting with a friend the other day about how there is something so simple and easy about throwing on a dress in the spring and summer. Dresses make me happy! The added bonus of pockets makes the dress casual enough for a day trip with my kids or I could add a pair of heels and a cute necklace for a date night. 

The evening sunshine walks in only a dress has me excited for all those summer nights ahead! Time to stock up on dresses :) 

However if I'm not wearing a dress, the second thing I wear the most is a good old fashioned tee. I prefer longer tees so I have the option of tucking them. I love the cuff on this loose and drapey tee from Pink Blush Maternity as it adds a bit of texture and unexpected detail. I probably wear a tee every other day, if not more. I love that just like dresses, you can throw a tee on with minimal effort. With a bit of lip gloss and some jewellery, I can quickly transform my everyday mom tee into a fun night out! Pink Blush Maternity offers so many different options for mommas, momma-to be's and ladies. I find it hard to find cute maternity clothes so Pink Blush is an excellent choice to add to your list. However, I am not pregnant and they offer clothes just for women as well which I love!