Finishing Strong

My sister started her university career right out of high school. She was an extremely talented athlete and received a full ride scholarship to a Div. 1 school in the states. (For those of who don't know a lot about sports, that it totally fine! It basically means she was really good!) After playing for a year, she came home to Langley, studied at and played for the TWU Women's Volleyball team for 3 years. While playing at TWU, she was asked to try out for the Team Canada Women's Volleyball team and couldn't refuse such an honour. Forgoing her final year at TWU, she finished up her career on the national team, got married and continued her pro career in Holland as a newlywed. After being in university for 3.5 years, she was about a year short of finishing her degree.

After being in the Netherlands for a year, she hung up the volleyball shoes and was hired on staff at WRCA (White Rock Christian Academy). She decided to go back and finish her university degree; doubling as a full-time student and full-time teacher. After taking multiple evening classes and online courses (I believe her last few courses were while she was pregnant with her first child) she completed her Bachelor's degree of Human Kinetics. 


This weekend she walked down the aisle in full gown attire and received her diploma. I was and still am a proud sister. Yes, it was hard work when I attended university for 5 years, but I completed them all in a row. I find it even more incredible that my sister went back and finished her degree after being out of the game for so long. Congratulations sis! I know your hubby and son are so proud and I had to brag about your big accomplishment too. You finished, and you finished strong. 

So, to all of you who have a half finished degree, half accomplished dream or want to start something brand new....go for it! The sky is the limit! Hard work and perseverance goes along way.