Dreaming of Summer Days

It's usually a weekly meet up at our parents house for these guys, especially in the spring/summer months because good weather means we are outside ALL day. Kids are just made to be outside; we find they are better behaved, definitely more tired when it comes to bedtime, and nothing beats that vitamin D. 
We outfitted everyone in some sweet summer styles from Crazy 8 and went to town, exploring Grandma's backyard, checking out what was growing in her garden, and playing some croquet.

crazy 8 summer18-7.jpg
crazy 8 summer18-8.jpg
crazy 8 summer18-6.jpg

Our siblings started playing boatloads of croquet while we were in California so naturally, our kids want to be like them and hit all the balls through the holes! All three of them were happy to make their own game of who could actually make contact with the ball and our afternoon was set. Hello 30 minutes of relaxing for us mommas. 

crazy 8 summer18-5.jpg
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crazy 8 summer18-3.jpg

How many times do you see kids clothing and wish they had it in your size? Ok I seriously am so jealous of Kinsley's Chambray wide-leg jumpsuit. It is so flowy, comfy, and just perfect for warm spring days. It's safe to say I'll be ordering the next size up for summer 2019!

crazy 8 summer18-2.jpg

I love this striped button down on Cairo paired with some bold and bright, teal shorts. I can usually find Cairo taking one of his button down shirts out of his closet and asking to wear it so I'm so glad that Crazy 8 makes comfortable ones that are so colourful - perfect for summer. If you scroll down you can see this outfit paired with some aviators and my heart just about died!

crazy 8 summer18-10.jpg

What we love most about summer is how little we play indoors. There are so many exciting places to explore, backyard BBQs, summer sports and simply bringing our imagination outside! Jake loves dinosaurs and his Palm Baseball Cap from Crazy 8 allows him to shield the sun while still creating an imaginary dinosaur world outside! He has the same Volley Shorts as Cairo in blue made of cotton twill. These are perfect for summer days of playing and if they get wet, they dry so quickly in the sun. 

crazy 8 summer18-9.jpg

Ezri is also here just reminding everyone to "stay cool" this summer as we see a lot of beach days in our future! Crazy 8 has clothing that starts at 6 months and this dress is still a bit big but will fit her so well this summer.

crazy 8 summer18-1.jpg

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Whatever your family chooses to explore this summer, Crazy 8 has everything you need for your kids summer fashion. From swimwear, to dresses, shorts, tees, hats even shoes - however you #DaretoSummer, Crazy 8 has affordable outfits for your children!.