Airplane Hangouts

"Kinsley, you're gonna want to see this!"
I love this moment when Cairo wanted to make sure Kinsley didn't miss the takeoff. What a gentleman! Plane after plane, spending the morning at the airport with these three just fills my soul with love and joy. Hanging out at our local airport is almost a weekly activity in our home. 

This airport has a pretty consistent stream of either planes taking off, landing, or just moving around so it provides free entertainment for our kids for a solid 30-45 min. You can shop the post at the end for all of these cute outfits from Crazy 8 or Gymboree. We love how all their clothes fit on our kids which is sometimes hard. Crazy 8 and Gymboree make clothing for kids that are comfortable, trendy and durable which is important to us as moms. Yes, we want our kids to look cute but we want their clothes to last as long as possible!

Jake's subpar version of being a plane, but is wearing one of my favourite shirts from Crazy 8 - reminds me of this beautiful city we live in surrounded by mountains! Jake definitely requests either going to the airport or seeing the trains (in Fort Langley) most mornings and both activities I love because they are free and out in the fresh air!

Let's hear it for the halfer babies who look tanned even though its still winter! Give me some of that colour!!

We went to the airport right at snack time so we just brought a few bags of goodies that we wanted to try from Boulder Canyon. The Sweet and Salty Popcorn and the Snap Pea Crisps (both made with coconut oil) were a huge hit with our kids as they almost ate the whole bag sitting there on the curbside (the picnic tables were still a bit wet) #raincouver. 

It always amazes me how quiet my kids become as soon as you give them a bowl full of snacks. 

We always take Replay bowls for on the go snacking. They are perfect for situations like these where you need a container for snacks and they are lightweight to keep in your diaper bag. 

Can you guess what they are looking at? Airplanes win over cameras every time!

Oh I wish we were boarding a plane to somewhere warm but in the meantime, I'll just open up another bag of these Boulder Canyon Chips and enjoy the view!


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