Back to School Style with Crazy 8

We just returned home after a week of an amazing family camp and cannot believe there are only a few weeks left until school starts. We are both teachers, so back to school is a familiar season, however this year we are sending one of our own to school as well. Jake is excited to have his first school experience and we are all so pumped for him!

crazy 8 bts-7.jpg
crazy 8 bts-3.jpg

We still haven't thought of a great way to break the news to Cairo and Kinsley that their playmate/buddy/friend and book reader won't be home all the time anymore! These three love being together. Jake is often the leader of the group so it will be interesting to see if Kinsley or Cairo will be taking over when he is gone. 

crazy 8 bts-2.jpg

Our kiddos are all decked out in Crazy 8's back to school collection. Crazy 8 recently launched a brand new website and we love all of the new pieces they brought in under New Arrivals (big sale on right now as well!). Crazy 8 helps children find their personal style and I love how you can pick a shirt, and they will give you samples of shoes, pants and accessories to make your outfit complete. Jake and Cairo both love the Rockstar jeans which have a bit of stretch so they fit different body types. 

crazy 8 bts-1.jpg
crazy 8 bts-5.jpg

This denim overall dress....Kinsley was over the moon when I showed it to her! She loves wearing dresses and the denim helps it be a bit more durable for her playtime sessions. I'm just wondering if it comes in a "mom size" so we can twin!

crazy 8 bts-6.jpg
crazy 8 bts-8.jpg

This little sweet pea, Ezri, is still a few years away from school but she loves watching her older sibling and cousins play, read, and learn together. Her "Love Donut" shirt is the perfect lightweight fall material and the matching headband melts us! 

crazy 8 bts-9.jpg

Three cheers for our #ClassofCrazy8 this fall! Crazy 8 has so many different outfits that are perfect for the first day, picture day, sports day and everyday in between!