baking with kids = messy + worth it

Today we set out to make some homemade animal crackers to go along with a fun tea shoot we are having later this week. You can find the recipe we used here

What 2 year old doesn't love sprinkles? We had to patiently remind Jake that the sprinkles are the last step and not the first! They say many hands make light the work, but in this case, many hands meant for messy work. But having your child help you bake will allow them to develop both gross and fine motor skills that help with their development and give them a memory they will not forget.

Jake helped us roll the dough while we filled the flattened area with little animal cookie cutter imprints.

Kinsley was happy to watch the baking goodness happen while Cairo soundly slept through most of it. 

We dipped the cookies in icing while Jake took a pinch of sprinkles and filled the cookies with colour. Picking up the sprinkles and decorating the cookies is a great fine motor skill for toddlers to have.  

Can you tell which side the toddler decorated? Maybe this week try baking with your kids - a fun and different way to fill your morning!