Baking with the Littles

When you are baking with children, you can be rest assured it will be a little messy, it will take a bit more time and it will take a lot of patience. However, if the process becomes the focus, not the end product - the results are magical. This year, I set up a little icing and decorating station for the three cousins (Ezri said no thank you this year) and just let the kids decorate their own way. I love how the cookies turned out and we have been enjoying them with a cup of tea most days. 

krusteaz winter 17-8.jpg

Ok....disclaimer.... I did decorate one mitten cookie! It looked like so much fun I had to jump in!

krusteaz winter 17-2.jpg

Sometimes I make sugar cookies from scratch, but this year I took a simpler, less stressful approach and used a mix from Krusteaz for their butter vanilla sugar cookies. The boys helped me add the ingredients (the mix, egg and oil)  in our Kitchenaid mixer. 

krusteaz winter 17-3.jpg

Jake usually just mixes the items for me, but this year he really wanted to be involved in the rolling and cutting out process. So, I showed him how to roll with a bowl of flour and a rolling pin and he loved it! Yes, it took 10 minutes to roll out the dough, but honestly I would do it again just to see how proud he was of what he accomplished. 

krusteaz winter 17-5.jpg

And....because her big brother was doing something she had to try!

krusteaz winter 17-4.jpg

We choose three different shapes to keep things simple. Jake loved the frosty snowman the best, but I loved the little mittens. You could even decorate them in pairs for a cute treat for your neighbours!

krusteaz winter 17-7.jpg

Everyone had their own mini bowl of icing and I set up a small sprinkle station in small cups. I find it works best this way with sprinkles otherwise the shaker ends up all over the floor!

krusteaz winter 17-9.jpg
krusteaz winter 17-10.jpg

End result: Pure magic! This picture makes my heart so warm because I know they were made with so much love! I even kind of see an attempt at eyes and a nose on the Frosty!! Sometimes it's important to take a simpler approach and let your children just create. I love that when I use the Krusteaz mixes, my prep time is minimal so that we can enjoy the process so much more!