Playing House with Calico Critters

I don’t know why, but it always brings me such joy when I see my children playing make believe “house”. I think I am encouraged that they are watching what I do and trying to copy my actions on their own. I also can’t wait for the day when Ezri, Cairo and Kovie become parents of their own and I can watch them be a mother or father to their own children.

Ezri is fascinated with the new sets from Calico Critters. She sets up all of the people and small objects to create her own scene. Sometimes the table is set for dinner and sometimes the refrigerator has a lamp on it - but I love her creativity and imagination in both scenarios.

Calico Sept 19-6.jpg
Calico Sept 19-8.jpg
Calico Sept 19-10.jpg

The newest sets from Calico Critters include a Wall Lamps and Curtain set which allows children to accessorize their Calico Critters Home. There is a Bed and Comforter set, Breakfast Playset (complete with bananas and toast), a Laundry and Vacuum cleaner set, Microwave Cabinet and our current favourite, the Kitchen Island. The Kitchen Island set has the cutest stand mixer, food scale and even a donut set! It is the perfect gift to give to a child who loves baking with their mom or grandma.

Calico Sept 19-1.jpg
Calico Sept 19-2.jpg
Calico Sept 19-11.jpg
Calico Sept 19-9.jpg
Calico Sept 19-12.jpg

What I love most about Calico Critters is that every item is made of incredible quality. Yes, the pieces are small, but I find that when children are mature enough and are given small pieces, they treat them delicately and find them so entertaining. Calico Critters is one of those toys that you will keep for your own grandchildren one day! But for now, Ezri asks every single day to play with her Calico Critters and I love watching her create.