Easy Like Sunday Morning

I go through these phases of either feeling like I'm at the top of my chef game or asking myself if it's ok to have scrambled eggs for dinner three nights in a row. Thankfully we have a simple lunch or dinner idea for you today (which I will be using a few times this week)!

We love "cooking" with Primal Kitchen and today we got to use their ranch dressing. This dressing is dairy and sugar free, whole30 compliant, made with avocado oil and has such a refreshing taste. 

We wanted an easy lunch idea but also knew we wanted to add protein so we hardboiled a few eggs and then went to work preparing a few toppings for our fresh greens. We chopped some strawberries & apples, shredded some carrots and topped the salad off with an assortment of nuts as well as Primal Kitchen's Ranch Dressing

Honestly, this dressing is in a league of its own. It is so refreshingly delicious and creamy with pops of lemon and dill throughout.

I love dressings that go with everything. I can throw any fruit, veggie, protein or nut onto my plate and somehow this dressing magically brings it all together! Primal Kitchen, can I begin my Ranch subscription now!!

See? Easy-peasy. And now basically a world-renowned chef (at least in my own home). Also this is my favourite shirt these days as I use to layer over just about everything. You can find it here from our favourite clothing: Beau Hudson.