Kovie Life Update with Kyte Baby

Our little Kovie girl is almost 3 months old so I thought I would write a little update all about her! She brings an abundance of smiles and laughter to our house and secretly just knows she is the third child as she is easy going and just loves being around people. She started sleeping through the night around 4 weeks old (11pm-8am) and now gives us 12 hours of sleep every night. She is our favourite for obvious reasons (sort of kidding).

Baby Bjorn 19-1.jpg

At her 1 month check up we were told that she was only gaining about 1/3 of an ounce of weight per day and should be gaining 1 once a day. We had no idea as she was extremely happy and was sleeping through the night with no red flags. So, I immediately supplemented all feeds with formula, hoping to get her back up in weight. Over the next few weeks she slowly transitioned to just eating formula, gained weight instantaneously, and that’s where we are today - a healthy, 13.5 lb almost three month old! And yes, she got happier, when we didn’t know that was possible.

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Our first two kids were born in the fall so this is my first time having a spring/summer baby and let me tell you….it is divine! I love that my other kids can go play outside almost every single day or we can all pack up and go to the park in the beautiful sunshine. These sleeveless rompers from Kyte Baby are a staple in the summer here because bamboo is actually much cooler than cotton clothing. I have Kovie wearing these all day and she sleeps in them at night too on hotter days.

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Kyte Baby is a new company to us and first off, we love their clothing and other baby items. They are incredibly soft (like baby-bum-type softness). Secondly, all of their clothing is made in China by the owner’s family! Kyte Baby is definitely a family-owned and operated company all the way down to their sourcing. You can read more about how Kyte Baby came to be here.

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The best part is that Kyte BABY is getting ready to launch their amazing new fall collection next month! Today is the first day of their Summer Clearance Sale + you won't want to miss it!
From 7/17 - 7/22 they will have a Clearance Section with items marked down up to 70% off!
For 7/17 + 7/18 they're also offering an additional 15% off sitewide (including clearance items). Don't miss out on the softest bamboo sleepwear out there at a good price 😘