Let's Tell Cairo

There are a few things I have been dreaming of to tell our son. Things that I am sure you have been dreaming of too. I thought I would write them down so I didn't forget.

Let's tell him about the time we started dating. I had a broken headlight and asked you to fix it, because what's a girl to do? You were a boy and even though you didn't know how, you came over and figured it out anyways. We stayed up all night, watched sports and made perogies. Let's tell him that it's ok to stay up all night. sometimes.
Let's tell him that his daddy loved his mommy from the moment she was his girlfriend. Let's show him the letter you wrote, the one that said "one day I want to marry you". on the third date.
Let's tell him that it's good to fight for the things you want. or things that are right. 

Let's tell him about those memories; the trips we got to take together, the wonders of the world we got to see, the places we got to live, and the people we got to meet along the way. 
Let's tell him about the time you proposed. The 28 hours you drove with my 8 week old puppy that you couldn't leave behind, in the middle of a Canadian winter. From Winnipeg to Langley with the symbol of our future hiding in the glove box. That unforgettable Christmas night when it was just the two of us and the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. The wedding that followed and the fact that we both had never been happier. 
Let's tell him that a marriage can be so rewarding and so tough and can be both things on the same day. That it's ok that best friends fight, yell, dance, make-up, laugh, and love. That it's worth it.

Let's tell him about how relaxing vacations were before he came along. How travelling without a child is almost boring it is so easy. How life was so good but then only got better when he arrived. 
Let's tell him about the day he was born. How his daddy pulled a muscle in his arm while helping his mommy deliver. How the first few nights and months were sleepless for all involved but we would do it again in a heartbeat. 
Let's tell him that we loved hearing him laugh for the first time, and the 478th time. How the first years he changed so much but each stage was better than the last. Make sure to thank him for seriously becoming a champion of sleep. I would give him a trophy for all those amazing sleep-ins.

Let's tell him about the sibling he will meet one day. The one that went to Heaven before we were able to meet that little babe. Let's tell him how loss can bring you closer to Jesus and closer in marriage. Let's tell him how we hugged him a little tighter in the weeks that followed.

Let's tell him how we loved watching him at baseball practice, how proud we were to see him graduate and how we will miss him when he moves out. 

Shirt is from Pink Blush Maternity

Shirt is from Pink Blush Maternity

Let's tell him how we prayed for his future spouse. That she would be someone who always pointed him back to Jesus. That we would be ecstatic to see him marry someone that loved Jesus more than she loved him.
Let's tell him how loved he is by his parents. And even though we try, we can't love him more than Jesus does.


I can't wait to tell him these things, but for now, let's tell him how much we love him.

love Lauren.