Slowing down time with Motts

Hard to believe that it is already October. I remember holding Kinsley as a baby in the middle of the night, praying for the day that she would sleep through and now, I just want time to slow down. Her brother has had a bit of school this week which means Kinsley and I have had some one on one time. Since she was born, it has always been her and her brother. She is obsessed with him, in the best way possible, so this week has been hard for her but also fun because of our mommy daughter time.


Kinsley and I have shopped together, coloured, and her most recent favourite activity is stringing beads onto a pipecleaner. It is the cutest. Sometimes I will leave a bowl of beads and a pipe cleaner on the table, add a snack bowl and a drink beside it and she will string them for a while. It is the cutest!


My kids don’t have juice every day but when they do, we always pick natural juice with no added sugars. Mott’s Sensibles is 100% juice and they even add coconut water with a splash of vegetable juice which is so good for us and of course, they have no unnatural sugars.


Can you tell she loves it? I actually feel like I’m winning when my kids view something as a “treat” but is actually pretty healthy for them.


The Sensibles juice boxes from Motts are the perfect add in to any lunch box, picnic basket or road trip essential! Our favourite flavour is the apple raspberry and we think the apple cranberry would make a perfect base for festive drink for the holidays!