Heads up: Huge Boxing Day Sale

My husband is a huge boxing day shopper.
Like the kind of shopper who would line up the day before - at 8pm the day before - in order to be first in line at Best Buy, in -40 degree weather in Winnipeg.
Huge boxing day shopper. 

I on the other hand have always hated going out on boxing day. I'm the stay at home and play games all day kind of boxing day girl. But...I do love a good online sale and today we just wanted to share a huge sale going on at Overstock.

Overstock is offering free shipping on Boxing Day (no minimum) for all our Canadian friends. Plus there is so much on sale - Chelsea and I looked through their site and found some good finds for our homes and picked a few things to share that you may want to pick up on Boxing Day. 


If you’re looking for great prices on stylish, new furniture for every room, then Overstock is the place. Click the pictures above to shop these items directly!