S'more love for Fathers

With June 19th just around the corner we have a DIY Father inspired s'more bar as the perfect backdrop for any Father's Day BBQ. 

Whenever we begin thinking about our dad, countless memories begin to flood our minds.
Our dad spent a lot of time with us.
Trust me, he worked hard, very hard.
But, when he wasn't working, he spent every moment with us kids.  

One of our fondest memories growing up is camping as a family. We camped in a tent, in the rain, in the heat, in a tent trailer, even in a motorhome! (well, once). We can remember tarps falling, being soaked in the middle of the night, sleeping in our car - but laughing and loving the entire time. The best part about camping, aside from the memories, are s'mores. There is something comforting and cozy about staring into a fire and roasting marshmallows. 

We decided to kick our Father's Day S'more bar up a notch and teamed up with our friends at Marsh & Mallow. They create homemade marshmallows  - YES, homemade!! Their marshmallows are massive, fluffy, scrumptious and they truly melt in your mouth. 

The coconut and salted caramel flavours were out of this world!! We loved the double chocolate s'more with the chocolate marshmallows and melted chocolate! But, those light pink rose water marshmallows were just stunning!  

So, once we were complete with our Hershey's chocolate, graham crackers and delicious handmade mallows from Marsh & Mallow, we began toasting!

I mean, come on! If you love s'mores, doesn't that look delicious!! 

Father's Day is just a few weekends away and a s'more bar is an easy yet gourmet dessert to wrap up your family day. Thank you Marsh & Mallow for taking our s'mores to the next level. We will definitely be back for more!