The Most Comfortable Sandal for Kids from UGG

When we are in a hurry and want to run out the door to enjoy the sunshine, I love that my kids can independently put on a pair of sandals! With our third kid arriving this month, it will actually be SO helpful to have the two older kids be able to put on their own shoes. The beach sandal from UGG is cozy for little feet and has two adjustable straps so they can easily take them on and off.

Ugg Summer-3.jpg
Ugg Summer-7.jpg
Ugg Summer-8.jpg

The soft cushion bottom makes it comfortable for kids to run, walk and play in these shoes all day long. Our kids wore them all day when they first got them and they had no blisters and said they were quite comfortable. The velcro top and back allows for easy adjustability based on your child’s foot.

Kinsley has narrow feet so we tightened the top of her’s up, but Ezri needed a bit more room so we adjusted hers easily. I love when a single pair of shoes can be flexible and be modified for each child.

Ugg Summer-6.jpg
Ugg Summer-5.jpg

The colours are adorable, with the Ensign Blue going with most of our boys summer wear and the Seashell Pink a gorgeous pop of colour for the girls!

Ugg Summer-4.jpg