I'm not a gardener. I kill most plants. When I was dating my husband he bought me an orchid, because apparently they are really hard to kill. Not for me. My plant was dead in a few weeks. But, I love flowers and I LOVE succulents. Succulents have a whimsical, fairly-like, earthy quality that draws me. Plus, they have the most unique names that make me smile. With a few succulents in hand and a bit of moss, I set out to make a new planter. 

I enjoy using non traditional pots as vessels for planters. A beautiful, white, crisp shell was my base for this planter. I added a bit of dirt, placed a few succulents, added a bit of moss around for filler and within ten minutes I had a brand new succulent arrangement (My mom added some finishing touches - she is an expert gardener).

These particular succulents are called hen and chicks! See, what a unique name! Today, look around your house for a unique pot - old barrels, bike baskets, stumps, shells, or an old boot all would be the perfect vessel for a DIY flower arrangement. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can! Happy Gardening.

P.S. I'll let you know if they are still alive in a week:)