Avocado Creamy Goodness & Giveaway!

Hey! We have a quick and easy lunch or dinner idea for you today thanks to our good friends at Primal Kitchen. They came out with a couple new dressings so we had to put them to the test. 

Salads can be kind of boring, but I find that when you load them with a ton of different fruit and veggies and throw in a protein, they can be one glorious lunch or dinner.

We have always loved Primal Kitchen's products and our favourite dressing of theirs is the Ranch, made with avocado oil. They recently came out with two new flavours, Green Goddess and Caesar - so yum!! Just a reminder that these three dressings are made with Avocado oil and are dairy, gluten, grain and soy free (they are also #whole30 approved for those who are wondering).

For this steak salad, I think we had 4 different types of fruit and 3 different types of veggies and topped it off with feta cheese and pecans for a little crunch. I love that salads can really just be a game of "What's in my fridge?" We topped our steak salad with some Green Goddess dressing from Primal Kitchen and dinner was served. 

Friends you have to try this new Green Goddess dressing! It is so creamy and delicious and works well with so many different ingredients. The Green Goddess dressing is made with pure Avocado Oil which is my new favourite oil to cook with. Again, this dressing is also dairy free, gluten free, grain free and soy free - which is tough to find dressings these days. I love how fresh, pure and full of flavour this dress is. Trust me -- you will love it and so will your whole family! 

These two babes couldn't possibly wait to have dinner with the fam so they snuck a few pieces beforehand ;) 

It's no secret our whole family loves Primal Kitchen. I love when we find products that are delicious, healthy and made with real ingredients that our family loves! Thank you Primal Kitchen for putting families first!
We want to spread our love for this amazing company and have partnered up to run a giveaway of over $150 worth of product from Primal Kitchen!! Head on over to our instagram page for more details --> www.instagram.com/jane.shelin