Clean Eatin'

Over the past few months our family has been on a journey to eat  "sugar-free". My husband had been doing a lot of research and was inspired to try eating no gluten and no added sugars.
Ok, can I just say before I share this, our family is not perfect. We aren't licensed nutritionists, we aren't doctors, we aren't naturopaths....we are simply a family. A family who was inspired to try eating differently to change our lifestyle, the way our bodies feel, and to live healthier. So....that's where our journey began.

Ok....first of all....I was floored at how many items have added sugar in them. Like obviously fruit snacks, yes, cookies, yes, granola bars, yes, but sandwich meat?? There is sugar in my sandwich meat?? That doesn't even makes sense to me. Anyways, so I had to start reading labels before I purchased. Plus, we were trying to avoid gluten as well which was a double whammy (does anyone even say that anymore?).  

So I was eating a lot of salads for lunch which is great but sometimes you just want a tuna melt or a "sandwich". 

BUT then I found these Brown Rice Crackers at Whole Foods when I was in the states and fell in love. They are made by a company called Lundberg Farms. They have a regular rice cake size, but also make a thin rice cracker

So, for a quick and delicious snack one day, I added some havarti cheese, slices of avocado, some fresh nectarines (you could add some ranch Primal Kitchen Dressings or Mayo) and it was amazing! The crunch from the cracker really adds to the snack! 

These crackers are also the perfect base for tuna melts, peanut butter, or for a meat and cheese platter with a bit of red pepper jelly!

They even have dessert options!! I chose the dark chocolate because I still eat dark chocolate, but they also have a milk chocolate version as well. They are the perfect treat for me once I put the kids to bed or even a little dessert after dinner. 

We may eat “sugar-free” forever or we may only last a few more months, but I do know that I feel healthier, have way more energy (for my kids who get up at 6am), and I know my husband feels the same way. Once again we are not perfect, we definitely have cheat meals, but finding great products like these brown rice crackers from Lundberg Farms have made this transition to a “sugar-free” life just a bit easier.