What's Popping???

My sister and I wanted to head to the beach today but the weather wasn't on board. So...beach snacks inside for the win!

These three are seriously best friends. They hang out all the time and they are almost always playing happily together. When Cairo is at home, he is always asking "Kinsley, home? Jake, home?" It's been such a fun experience for me with my first kid, having a cousin for him that is the same age and an older cousin to show him the ropes. It's a tiny bit sad for me that I don't have a sister pregnant with me this time around (*hint, hint* Chel lol) but I'm glad our next child will have awesome older cousins to play with!

Our absolute favourite gum company just came out with popcorn! Our kids were the first to try Pur popcorn and it's already well-loved in our house. We have tried the Sea Salt and also their Sweet and Salty and both have subtle tastes that make your hand keep going back in the bag for more.

I think Jake is playing peek a boo, Cairo is trying to figure out how to open the bag, and Kinsley is  always just happy to be part of the party.

But....don't take our word for it...try it yourself! Take a peak at Marshalls and Winners to pick up your own bag of Pur Popcorn, or come over for movie night on Friday!!