Simply Divine Details

I don't wear a ton of jewelry but I like wearing a few small, simple pieces. Simply Divine Details makes beautiful handmade pieces and we were able to try on her gorgeous watercolour earrings and necklace. Each piece is hand painted with watercolors, placed in sterling silver and sealed with resin and a domed piece of glass. Anything handmade makes a great Christmas gift and we are looking at a few of these to give away this season. 

Alicia is the beauty behind these designs and she has launched a Kickstarter campaign that you can check out here. Any backers are rewarded with the jewelry of their choice at half the retail price for a special early bird special! 

watercolour jewelry-1.jpg
watercolour jewelry-2.jpg

The rich magenta necklace gives a perfect pop of colour for any neutral, pink or denim clothing. I find that throwing on a necklace can add a great texture and dress up a casual outfit. 

watercolour jewelry-3.jpg
watercolour jewelry-4.jpg

These Post Earrings are definitely my favourite - you just can't go wrong with a unique pair of stud earrings and this rich blue colour is perfect for Fall. Each piece comes in a dainty little box taped with ribbon, making it the perfect handmade gift for a friend.