His name [part 2]

Ari [Ar-ee]

Chelsea & I both love our middle names; Jane & Shelin.
Shelin comes from our two loving aunties; Sheila and Linda put together.
 Jane also honours my mom’s family as I share the name with my grandma - a hard working woman of God. 

David and I are unsure of how many children we will have and there was a compelling argument to honour a family member with Cairo’s middle name because of the commonality of the gesture, yet we couldn’t decide. Do we honour David’s dad? My dad? My brothers? David’s brothers? An uncle? There were too many options and we couldn’t choose one and not feel like we were leaving others out. 

The week before I was due, I was wrestling with my 9 month pregnant body, willing it to get comfortable and go to sleep when all of a sudden I had a picture of a lion in my mind. I immediately remembered my grade 5 teacher David Buzza reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe with us and pictured Aslan, “The Great Lion”. My mind paired that with the fact that Jesus is also “The Lion of the tribe of Judah” (Revelation 5:5) and I just saw this middle name as a way to honour our heavenly father while using this picture of a lion. 
I quickly went on a rampant google search for “names meaning lion” and realized there were so many! I came across “Ari” which means ‘lion’ in Hebrew and I told David right away and he loved it. We have never had a name that we agreed on so quickly!