DIY Flower Wrapping Paper

Even though right now I am a stay at home mom, there will always be a little teacher inside of me. I love doing random acts of kindness and I am trying to teach my children that it is "more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts. 20:35). So with our freshly picked tulips in hand,  my toddler was eager to help wrap our surprise for our neighbours.

I love to put a vinyl tablecloth, newspaper, or long sheet of paper down first for easy clean up. We picked a few colours together and I set up our creative station. I fingerprinted a tiny yellow dot for the middle of the flower and then showed my toddler how to dab his fingerprint around the yellow dot. 


As you can see, he created his own interpretation. I loved it!! Baby wipes made for an easy clean up when switching colours. Then Jake had a blast just fingerpainting on the left over paper. I love spontaneous art projects.

After we finished, we let the brown wrapping paper dry, then re-wrapped our tulips up, added a sweet card and then left it on our neighbours doorstep. It doesn't take much to spread sunshine in your neighbourhood!