The Importance of Rest

Rest. Sometimes I feel like this word is from another world when you're a mother. However, lately I have been discovering just how important rest is. When I get my kiddos down for the night, I only have a few hours (if that) before I'm totally spent and need to call it a night. I find myself staying up way later than usual simply because I enjoy having a bit of time to myself in the evenings when the house is quiet. Our day is filled with adventures, cooking, baking, play dates, doctors visits, running errands, exploring etc. and there is constant noise and chatter which I love. However there is also something beautiful about a silent moment at home, candles lit and a warm cup of tea in hand. 

Rest during the days is hard to come by, but when the kids are outside and we are adventuring together or with friends, sometimes I close my eyes for 2 minutes and soak up that beautiful fall sunshine. I feel instantly rejuvenated. There is something about the sun and its warmth that does miracles for me. 

I've been loving my new top from Pink Blush lately. It has a loose, flowy vibe but the peekaboo lace detail on the bottom makes me feel feminine. It's light enough to wear when the sun is shining, but the long sleeves take the chil out of the fall air.

We loved layering a few other pieces from Pink Blush like this pale pink 3/4 sleeve shirt and a dark green Kimono that Lauren is wearing. The colours on the kimono go perfectly with our fall wardrobe and the flowery detail brings some contrast to our earth tones that we like to wear in fall/winter. 

Finding rest: My new mantra.
Here's to hoping that tonight is filled with:
sleeping babes
hot tea
and maybe a show with my hubby to cap off a wild Saturday night ;)