A Mama and Her Babies

We have a beautiful trail right by our house. It takes us all the way around two different ponds filled with beautiful birds like Herons, Osprey and Ducks. We walk this often looking for new animals or simply just watching the ducks swim in the water. There is something so refreshing about being outside. I am a homebody and love being at home with my kids. Sometimes I think God gave me children to make me go outside, out of my comfort zone to appreciate new corners of His creation. Well, a few mornings ago, He blew my mind!

Here I was walking with my two babies looking for ducks at the bridge like usual, when we spotted a mama and her babies!! Baby ducklings are so cute and Kinsley and Jake were both overjoyed! I don't think Kinsley had ever seen baby ducklings before and she was delighted. I watched as this mama lead her ducklings through the pond, keeping them close to the bank and checking back often to make sure they were all behind her. It made me stop and think about my own two babies. How my role as a mother is to lead them, guide them, make sure they stay close behind but yet want them to learn how to grow and learn on their own as well. It reminded me how my babies aren't really babies anymore and how quickly the time goes.  

Jake had brought our old mini camera and wanted to capture the moment himself. So sweet!

So today, I am grateful for the many walks I am able to take my kids on. I know these are moments I will treasure as they get older. I will remind them that they were once little ducklings too and no matter how big they get, they will always be my babies. I love that once you're a mom, you are always a mom. No one can take that love away from you. 

These are my newest shoes for walking with my kids. Classic Black and White Karine Sneakers from UGG  (the Karine's also come in all black which is amazing too!) and they are the comfiest sneaker I have ever worn! They are perfect for this walking and adventuring mama! However if classic black and white is not your thing, UGG has so many different styles, colours and sizes for your whole family!! Today I am thankful for the many steps I have the privilege of taking with my kids and I am looking forward to the thousands more.