Ready for Another Little Carrasco

We are so excited to tell you that we are having another baby!


I am 14 weeks pregnant now and we have gotten to see our little babe in an ultrasound and was also able to hear the heartbeat just last week so we are overjoyed. I was a bit nauseous during some of the early few weeks but am feeling really great now so I am thankful for that. We cannot wait to hold this baby in our arms in November and enjoy having a newborn around at Christmas time. Up to this point we have only shared the news with family, mainly because it's delicate navigating pregnancy again after following the loss of a child. There is definitely a bit more fear this time around but we know there is nothing we can do but to just trust in our Heavenly Father, knowing He is in total control.

pregnant announcement-2.jpg

We got this adorable little Alphabet Swaddle from Petit Pehr and we can't wait to snuggle a little newborn again! Being pregnant once again after losing a baby this past fall has been filled with a bit more fear this time around but I just keep reminding myself that God is in control and I just get the privilege of carrying this child for as long as that may be. We are praying that we get to snuggle and hold this little one tight this November!

Cairo obviously doesn't quite know what is going on but if you ask him where Mommy's baby is, he will eagerly lift up my shirt and point directly to my belly button. Cairo wore this same style of hat that he is holding from Beau Hudson when he was about 6 months old so we just had to get the newborn sizes for this little one. We can't wait to find out whether this little one will be a brother or sister for Cairo so we went with a neutral black and also a black/white stripe hat for him or her to wear. These two siblings will be just over 2 years apart and I think that's exactly how God planned it. 

We also got this car seat from Britax to safely bring home our sweet bundle from the hospital. I have Cairo in the Britax Marathon right now so I am super eager to try out this Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat. I'm crazy about their design (easily removable cover, quick-adjust harness, comfy handle and light-weight) but of course the most important part about any car seat is the safety aspect. Britax uses SafeCell technology that uses a few different components to make sure your kids are extra safe like the Steel Frame, Impact Absorbing Base, and Complete Side Impact Protection (read up on it here). So basically the safest you can get.