Baby Gourmet

When Jake was ready to eat solids I started him on homemade baby food. He was my first child, I was blessed with a year of maternity leave and I wanted to try and make my own baby food. So, every day or couple of days I would cook my yams, sweet potato, carrots, chicken or whatever else he was eating at the time, blend them so he could easily digest, freeze them into ice cubes and then take out whatever cubes I needed each day. So naturally, when Kinsley came along, I thought I would continue with the same processs. But this little girl, or princess I should I say, did not enjoy my homemade food. She didn't eat much which was fine because she is quite small, but she also wasn't sleeping through the night so I thought I would try something different.

My mom gave me a travel pack of organic wholegrain cereal from Baby Gourmet and I mixed up a pack and fed it to Kinsley. Kinsley ate the entire bowl at one meal which was unheard of for her. I quickly ran out to the store, purchased some fruit and veggie mixes and more cereal from Baby Gourmet and she absolutely loves it! 

Sometimes when I am looking at purchasing an item for my child I'm overwhelmed at all the different options. So hopefully this gives you a little bit of information about one particular brand that I personally use for my kids. What I love about Baby Gourmet is that it is made in Canada with all organic ingredients. I love supporting local and Canadian companies. Their food tastes good as well! No, I don't eat the whole bottle for a snack, but I usually like to taste what I am feeding my child. 

Baby Gourmet makes so many different combinations so Kinsley can eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. Baby Gourmet started because a mom didn't like the taste of regular baby food for her newborn so she created a solution for the problem. I owe her a big thank you! Look for them at your local grocery store in the baby food aisle. 

As you can see, Baby Gourmet's convenient pouches are not just for babies! Toddlers will do anything for them! Today Jake cleaned up all of his toys just so he could finish off his sister's leftover pouch. Thank you Baby Gourmet for making baby food preparation easy for this momma!