Cairo's New Ride

Scooters have come a long way since I was a kid.
I remember having a metal Razor with rollar blade size wheels and only being able to turn it so far before you jack-knifed it. But man I loved doing jumps and I can vividly picture myself riding it around our family camp we go to in the summers. I’ve clearly passed my love for scooters on to Cairo except he got one that was about 100x cooler: A Globber Scooter.


And if it was “just” cooler, then I guess I wouldn’t care all that much but this thing is smooth, durable, and such an easy ride (yes I have had a few turns on it). It is adjustable, so it fits Cairo’s 3 year old body and also my 30 year old body and the board even has enough room for me to put ezri on with me as I ride which makes me feel like a supermom.


As soon as we tried it out, Cairo became exponentially better at riding it with each go. It took him maybe 30 minutes to be able to easily go down our hill without me thinking he may crash into a parked car. He asks most days to ride his scooter and if he didn’t have younger siblings, we would probably be out there all day. This scooter far outweighed my expectations.


Some specifics:
- This is the Globber Ultimum
- Can hold up to 100kg
- 6 height adjustable bar
- Grips on deck and handlebars
- Folds down for easy transport
- Knob on front of the scooter deck so you can adjust the turning radius of the front wheels


He loves it and I always end up borrowing it. Ezri can ride it for about 10 seconds too so we will be getting her one in a few months. When he is older, the GS 360 Stunt Scooter will be our next scooter. It is perfect for beginners and recommended for kids ages 8+. The GS 360 has two wheels so it is a bit more challenging than the Globber Ultimum.

Globber Jake-2.jpg

Some specifics:
- This is the GS 360 Stunt Scooter
- Can hold up to 100kg
- Curved one piece handlebars
- Flexi carbon rear brake
- Folds down for easy transport
- High quality wheels and chrome bearings to ensure a smooth safe landing

Globber Jake-1.jpg