Nourish Bowl: Easy and Healthy Meal Idea

We are sharing one of our favourite Nourish Bowls with you today. We had the opportunity to sample some of our favourites these past few months and we saved the best for last! The Spicy Thai Nourish Bowl is bound to be a favourite in your home if you love Thai flavours. We ate the Nourish Bowl on its own and loved it, but it would also make for a great base to add-in chicken, tofu, veggies, nuts, whatever you love, for the ultimate Thai inspired meal. 

Nourish Thai-5.jpg

What we have been most impressed about with all of the Nourish Bowls is the freshness and quality. Every bowl looks so fresh and delicious and we love that they use veggies as noodles. The Spicy Thai Nourish Bowl has some subtle hints of lemongrass and coconut (toasted coconut on top!!) and sits on a bed of Kohlrabi noodles with some fresh kale and carrots. The spicy thai sauce brings it all together to make it a complete dish. Plus, the bonus is that these Nourish bowls are ready to eat in a few minutes. They are perfect to have on hand for those busy weeks in the fall.

Nourish Thai-6.jpg
Nourish Thai-4.jpg
Nourish Thai-3.jpg
Nourish Thai-7.jpg
Nourish Thai-2.jpg

We have loved sharing our favourite flavours of Nourish Bowls with you but there are so many more to try. Let us know if you have a favourite or what you are adding in to your Nourish Bowls this Fall!