Back To School Reading List

Back to school this week was full of so many mixed emotions in our home. I don't know what it looked like in your home...maybe early mornings, rushing to get out the door on time and sweet hugs at drop off.

Back to school for us this week meant our firstborn started school, so I get some quality one on one time with our girl, Kinsley. 


She was not impressed her brother was leaving her for a few hours to go to "school" but I am so excited to have a few moments with just her and I. Also, I couldn't be more proud of Jake and I can't wait as he begins his learning journey at school. To be honest, we have done so many fun "school-like" activities at home since both kids were little. I love finding unique ways to play and learn that are engaging and fun and my kids are always up for a new activity. However, one of our favourite activities to do together is read. 


I love reading to my kids but I also think it’s important to encourage them to read on their own. That will look different for every child. Jake and Kinsley can't read words on their own yet, so I am often trying to find books with characters or topics they would enjoy. Jake loves Dinosaurs, so we are often at Indigo in the animal section and he could spend hours pouring over those books. There is a series by Oliver Jeffers called "Once There was a Boy". Indigo carries a box set of 4 of these books and the illustrations are beautiful and Jake loves that some are set in space. 


Growing up I loved Anne of Green Gables, so I thought this counting board book, Anne's Numbers, would be perfect for Kinsley to read and practice counting. 


If you've never heard of Mrs. Peanuckles alphabet series, go to Indigo Online and type in "Mrs. Peanuckles". There are a variety of alphabet themed books and the illustrations are bright, engaging, filled with colour and I love the topics: flowers, fruit, bugs, birds, trees, etc. 


With school starting this week, Fall is in the air. I love that Fall brings cooler nights and cozy evenings, perfect for snuggling under a blanket and reading a few books. I know Kinsley and I will be popping into our local Indigo to pick a few new favourites this Fall!