"Garbage Truck Day"

We love living in the Pacific Northwest for a lot of reasons but one of them is because of the many forests that are here to explore. Today was "garbage truck day" as Jake calls it, so we needed to go outside every ten minutes to check and see if the garbage truck arrived. Does anyone else's child have garbage day memorized? While we were outside we enjoyed the fresh air and loved finding new places to explore. 

Oh Jake - constantly looking and listening for that garbage truck. He was oblivious to the fact that mama had a camera!

As we were exploring (when I say we I mean my sister and I and all three kiddos) it started to rain! Thank goodness we had thrown on our Stonz wear! Stonz wear is a local company that makes rubber boots for children and booties for the babies. They are both so comfy and actually stay on our kids feet! The booties slipped right over our babies'  shoes, super easy and convenient!

What are your favourite parks to explore? We are always looking for new forests/trails to explore and now that we have some proper rain gear we aren't afraid of these rainy Vancouver days. #bringbacksummer.

P.S. Just so you know, the garbage truck came while Jake was having a nap :( Worst time ever!  He was so disappointed. Oh well, now there's only 4 more sleeps until it is garbage day again.