Happy First Day of Fall from UGG

Fall is officially here! I can't believe I just used an exclamation point. I used to hate fall. Honestly. It was the precusor to winter. I am a sunshine girl at heart. Give me beaches, sunny days, tan lines, sandals and sun hats any day and I am a happy camper. My spirit has always seemed to struggle in the fall and winter days. My birthday is in the winter and to be honest, I used to cry every time my birthday rolled around! It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" literally rang true for me.

However, in the past few years, having children has changed my perspective. Yes, fall and winter still tend to bring more rainy and colder days, but they have started to grow on me. Don't get me wrong, 3, 6, 10 days in a row of rain still makes me go crazy, but I've learned to see the fall and winter through my kids eyes. My kids want to be outside all the time - rain or shine. We were walking the other day and Jake noticed that some of the leaves were changing colours! Kids have eyes of wonder and inquiry and they don't care if it is sunny, rainy, windy, thundering or snowing - they just want to explore. We live in a beautiful world and fall brings so much new beauty. 

Now, I just need to make sure my family and I are appropriately dressed to make sure we can enjoy all the beauty fall has to offer. Thanks to UGG, my whole family and sister's family stepped out to enjoy the beautiful weather in our new footwear. Everyone knows and loves the original UGG boot, but as a surprise to me, most of their fashion boots also contain that stunning, lush, comfortable cozy padding inside each shoe. When you slip your foot inside It is a hug for your foot. Imagine laying your head on the most comfortable throw pillow - except the pillow is actually for your feet! 

The "fall weather" this week has been amazing. It's warm, but there is is a chill and crisp cool breeze as well. UGG makes boots for the whole family so it was an easy shop to outfit all our feet for the fall. Trust me, splurge and buy something cozy and comfy for your feet! Then, when your kiddos beg you to go outside all day long in the fall and winter - you will be much more willing to go :) When the kids go to sleep tonight, grab your computer, do a little online browsing, and then head out for your next family fall adventure feeling comfortable and equipped for any situation thanks to UGG. 

I love finding brands that can outfit my whole family. One stop shopping makes life way easier for this mama. UGG has beautiful, stylish and oh-so-cozy boots for the whole family. Shop the boots our family picked below:


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