Hot! Hot! Hot!

We've had a string of hot weather here in B.C. and it looks like the hot streak is here to stay. It's Saturday night and we love nothing better than a good appetizer! On the menu - hot wings!! My family has purposely cut out white sugar the past few months, with the occasional cheat day here and there. I find it really difficult to find a delicious sauce, marinade or dressing from the store that doesn't have sugar in it! Sugar is hiding in everything!! So, when I found Tessemaes Hot Buffalo Sauce I did a big happy dance. 

Tessemae's carries a whole line of different sauces, marinades and spreads that are sugar free, some even Whole 30 approved. I love picking up a bottle of sauce and recognizing each natural ingredient on the label! No hidden ingredients!! Plus, each sauce and marinade is delicious! I do not like compromising on flavour just because something is sugar free or all natural, so when I tasted theses sauces and marinades I was overjoyed! The Honey Balsamic and Balsamic Vinaigrette are amazing on salads! 

Whenever we hosted an appetizer night I used to just buy pre made wings, cook them up and serve. But, now that I am more aware of ingredients that are hiding in sauces and marinades, I am much more aware before I purchase something. So, I bought my own fresh wings, threw some Tessemaes Hot Buffalo Sauce, fried them in some Avocado Oil, finished them off in the oven, and then sprinkled some sesame seeds and added a few veggie sticks to create a mini appy!

I mean...doesn't that plate look delicious! I loved the flavour of the Hot Buffalo sauce. It has a bit of a kick, but it's not screaming hot which I loved. You could even mix almond meal and coconut flour to add an extra crunch to your wings or chicken strips and dip them in the Hot Buffalo sauce! Who's coming over for an appy night?

One of Tessemae's newer products is their Salad Kits! They look amazing and all of the items you need are in one convenient package. I can't wait to try the Spinach Bacon Ranch and Sweet Kale Crunch Kit! They also make single serve salad dressing pouches which is perfect when I am traveling or grabbing a lunch on the go!