The Easiest Way to Picnic

Don't picnics look so peaceful in photos? Just 3 kids, perfectly sitting together, eating some snacks, and probably thinking about how much they love their moms for taking them to such a beautiful place? know that's not really how it goes.

Today was an early morning and we just knew that we had to get out of the house before naps to burn off some of that energy that seemed to double over night. We packed enough snacks for all three kids in Bento Boxes and somehow forgot to pack food for us moms. But we did manage to remember our Gathre mat (which we are loving in these summer months) so we didn't feel like we completely dropped the ball. 
The kids ate and then it was time to go explore - and maybe hit the playground slide 17 times, right Kinsley?

These Bento Boxes from Takenaka are actually so handy! I had seen them at Chapters and had always wanted to get one and finally did. I love that they are dishwasher and microwaveable safe and also have a compartment slider that you can either use or take out. We've been using ours on picnics, at the beach or even when I pack some food to go to Chelsea's house for the afternoon. 

bento boxes-6.jpg

This was at Port Kells Park and the kids loved the little trails behind the playground that led to a bridge overlooking some water. It's actually such a great little park because we feel like it has everything, big field, playground, pool in the summer, trails, bridge, etc. We are just missing a train track and our kids would basically be in heaven.

our kids are often decked out in clothing from Crazy 8 or Gymboree and today was no different. I love the little cactus details on Kinsley's romper and if you scroll back up you will see that Cairo's shoes are definitely on point.

Our Picnic/Playground/Trail walk filled morning was a huge success as all three kids are napping and those lattes have been re-heated to enjoy. Cheers to whatever you got up to this morning!