Let's start a band!

It's official....these two are starting a band! With the help from Battat Toys, these two are constantly jamming away with their Parum Pum Pum Musical set. We always have music playing in our houses. We listen to everything from children's songs, to worship, techno, country, rock, and even a little sunshine from Justin Timberlake now and then! So, it seems only natural that these boys love rhythm, love clapping, love dancing and love making noise....oh sorry...I mean music. :)

battat winter-4.jpg

I think she'll be their first groupie!!! She's got mad love for these two boys. (Headband: Arrow and Lace Designs). She is usually the one who always asks to get the party started, but then shys away when the camera comes out. 

As moms, toys are apart of our everyday. We are playing with our kids, letting our kids play by themselves or creating our own toys using things in our home or from nature. We love the Battat brand of toys as they carry a wide variety of educational, engaging and creative items. We love how the musical instruments allow our children to sing songs, add rhythm or make up songs of their own. The Whirly Pop caught these two's attention because of the lights and music. Kinsley loved pressing the piano keys which to me is a sign she will definitely be a piano player just like her mama. (I can dream, right?)

Is there anything from Battat that caught your attention? We love so many of there products! We can't wait to add a few more engaging ones to their collection maybe as a birthday present, love gift on Valentine's Day or for Easter!. We have our eyes on their Animals by Terra, and how cute would the Two-ty Fruity Abacus be for a kids playroom!