Lunch with Silver Hills

I am about to change your life in the bread department, especially if you are local. I love bread. I could probably eat bread with every meal of the day. However I know that so many types of bread are full of fillers and additives that have zero nutritional value and aren't healthy for my body. My mom first discovered Silver Hills Squirrely bread a year ago when she was having stomach pain. Silver Hills uses organic whole sprouted wheat in their ingredients which was a lifesaver for my mom, so naturally we all tried it as well. It was love at first bite.

Silver Hills Bread is now a staple in my own home. My kids love it, I love it and I love knowing my family is eating ingredients I actually understand and can pronounce :) Some of my personal favourite breads are:

The Big 16 (orange bag) - 16 different kinds of seeds and grains in it
Steady Eddie (purple bag) - slightly sweetened by organic apples
Mack's Flax Bread (green bag) - high in fibre and full of flax seeds
Little Big Bread (blue bag) - little slices, perfect for kids

For lunch we made these outrageously delicious sandwiches using Big 16 bread, Hemptation and Ancient Grains. We lightly toasted each slice of bread and added a bit of mayo and Chipotle Aeoli. Next we layered alfalfa sprouts, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon, salt and pepper and an olive on top for garnish. They were so yummy and full of fresh veggies! 

With a toddler, meal times can sometimes be tricky. One day we love grapes, the next day we don't like grapes. One day we love avocado, the next day we hate it. One way I like to engage children in eating a healthier lunch is to make their sandwich in the shape of something fun. Today we made star shaped sandwiches. Jake's Little Big Bread sandwich was loaded with avocado, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts and tomato! So many veggies and he loved it! Try bringing out a cookie cutter at lunch time tomorrow and see if you can sneak some extra veggies into to your child's Little Big Bread sandwich. 

The best news (if you are local) is that they have a bakery here in Abbotsford, BC. Our family goes and picks up fresh bread, bagels, raisin bread and even oats often. If you aren't local you can now find Silver Hills Bread in grocery stores such as Save-On Foods, Costco, Target etc. Let us know which bag is your family's favourite! Big 16 is a front runner in our home. 

Silver Hills has a delicious new bagel called "Rappleberry". Watch our Instagram account for a fun bagel snack idea!