Finding a "new perfect fit": Knixwear

Has anyone else noticed that their boobs have changed after having a baby? I have been on the hunt for a "new perfect fit" since having kids. Because let's be honest...our bodies change drastically after having kids so finding a bra that fits the "new me" can be difficult. I'm also not a huge fan of trying on bras at a store and the selection from online stores that offer free returns is slim pickings.
Enter Knixwear. aka lifesaver.

Knixwear makes comfortable, everyday bras that I have found fit with my "new body" after having kids. I've worn mine since the day I got it and I'm a big fan. It's functional and fashionable with the level of comfort that you want on a cozy evening. If you can wear a bra that makes you forget that you are wearing a bra...huge win. Thanks Knixwear (ps. Another great Canadian company).

They have a padded and non-padded and I prefer the padded. And yes, you are right: it's the perfect amount of padding. There is also no wire which usually I would write off and consider a sport-bra, and yes you can definitely use this as a bra while you are active, but you can also wear it to your office job on Monday morning.


We also got to try their underwear line, both their thong and their bikini style from their Everyday Line. Their Leak-proof technology is perfect for light leaks or back up protection during our time of the month and boy are they comfy as ever. If you are looking for something new and comfortable, try this line out at Knixwear!