meal time just got a whole lot easier

Being pregnant with my sister was very special for both of us but having these one year olds in this stage of life together is just plain old fun. They are just starting to really notice that they can play with each other and those few little moments are just the cutest. They have started to giggle at each other during meal time or even slap their hands against the window and just burst out in laughter after they eat. Its those moments that I really hope to remember.

We have some new bibs that we are trying at meal time because for both Cairo and Kinsley, their bibs tend to either fall off due to well-used velcro or pulled off by their tiny but mighty hands. Today we had some handmade leather bibs that are attached using a magnet at the back from Mally Designs. They stayed on really well and also were an easy 3 second wipe and ready for the next meal. 

One thing I love about these bibs is the sheer amount of colours and styles they offer - definitely something for everyone. I used to use cloth bibs and I would be constantly doing laundry to keep them clean. Plus leather is in these days am I right?!

I think these two are starting to really work the camera ;)

First he looks at her.

Then she looks at him.

Hoping these two stay best friends for life!

Maybe your bib collection is full or maybe you are thinking a wipeable, magnet fastened bib would be perfect to have at meal time. Check out Mally Designs and throw one in your child's stocking this Christmas.