New Book Titles for 3-5 year olds

It is time for our annual fall book roundup! It is no secret that we read books every single day in our home. Every week we usually visit our local library, the local bookstore (Indigo is our fav) and even hop into the thrift store to pick up a few “new”ones to add to our collection. When we are at Indigo, we often check the back of the books to see the publisher. PGC Books distributes books for many children’s publishers that you know and probably already love. However, here are few of our favourite titles we are loving lately if you are looking for some new ones to add to your collection.

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Kinsley loves music. She often has her ballet shoes and tutu on and is dancing around the house. So, naturally she loves books with music. This book My First Listen, Play and Say was Kinsley’s favourite. Each page has gorgeous colours and animals with finger tracing, lift the flaps and music buttons. This would be a great gift to buy for a new baby or young child because you would keep it for many years and get a lot of use out of it. Kinsley is three and still loved the book (Published by Tiger Tales).

I caught her reading books to her dolls and just had to capture the moment!

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My First Search and Find Book Series is perfect for any child around 2 years and older. Jake still enjoys these books even though they are a bit easier for him to find, but he loves asking Kinsley and Cairo where things are which develops his leadership skills. I love when kids begin to teach each other. It is a beautiful thing to see! There are a few different themes of the search and finds including Wild Animals, Dinosaur Lands, Sea Creatures etc. The books are also board books so they are sturdy and will last for future siblings!

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As a mom, this next set is the ultimate gift for a new baby girl, toddler or preschooler. This bundle, Me and My Mommy Gift Set contains 6 different books. Each book is a playful take on animal moms with their children. The stories are light, loving and the illustrations are adorable! It is published by Tiger Tales which publishes so many wonderful children’s books and children’s activity books. (Side note - if you are a book nut like me…the author of this set, Jane Chapman, is the illustrator for the Karma Wilson book “Bear” series).

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I always love giving books when I go to baby showers. It is a special time to remember and these three books would be perfect for a new mom! We loved With Your Paw In Mine, I Give you the World (comes in Hardcover or as a board book) and The Worry Box is a cute story encouraging children with worries to be brave! All three of these books are illustrated beautifully and to be honest, sometimes I feel like framing some of the pages as artwork!

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But perhaps my favourite books in this whole post are the last three.

The last three books are from a series called Hidden World by Libby Walden. We read through the Hidden World: Forest, Animals and Ocean titles. Each page has large flaps with an illustration on top. Underneath the flap, the author goes into more detail about each picture. Our children learn about sea creatures, whales, dolphins, anemones etc. in this engaging lift the flap book. The pictures remind me of a vintage book with a modern feel. To be honest, I think these books would be perfect for homeschooling or for a child who has a curiosity and wonder about the world around them. We went for a scavenger hunt in the forest and then searched for the items we found in our book (Watch our Instastories for some inside views of these books)!

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