New Books for August

Trips to the library are our jam but there is NOTHING like the smell of a new, crisp, clean book. We have a few new ones we got for our kids this summer from Chronicle Books so scroll down and see what we are reading!

chronicle july 18-7.jpg

These three are seldom all reading a book together but as soon as we said "ice cream book" they all came running. Ok maybe they thought it was made of icecream, we're not too sure but this book is so colourful, has rhyming words, and is all about the adventures of an ice cream truck - so fun!

chronicle july 18-8.jpg
chronicle july 18-6.jpg
chronicle july 18-1.jpg

For Cairo and Kinsley we are trying to teach them to recognize letters and they are definitely starting to learn so we added a Mary Poppins ABC and Cement Mixer's ABC to help with that. The two nostalgic stories of Peter Pan and Anne of Green Gables from BabyLit are unique ways to introduce young kids to the world of classic literature. 

chronicle july 18-13.jpg

OK this is a real life reaction to a BEAUTIFUL book called "Be Kind". It seems like in the year 2018 this may be the most prevalent time to reiterate to our kids how to act with thoughtfulness, selflessness, and kindness.

chronicle july 18-9.jpg

These last two are so different but are a great indoor activity if you are wanting to cool down and stay indoors. You simply pop out the dinos/cars from the books and then you put together a timeline of them all and it stands up to display. Jake has already finished his dinosaur one and he loved seeing which types of dinosaurs lived in each period.

These days we are sitting right next to the air conditioner to read books but there isn't a day where we don't read at least one. Or twenty :) 

Look for some of these titles on Amazon or Indigo Chapters.