I remember first seeing Playmobil at Toy Traders in Langley when my younger siblings, Denham and Brie, were little. We would go to Toy Traders with them and there were huge Playmobil sets all set up under these clear boxes outside. It was incredible.

Playmobil Oct-4.jpg

Now, with my kids of my own, I see the value and draw to Playmobil sets. My kids love setting up all the little people, structures and figurines to tell a story. They act out scenes or sometimes just set everything up in its place. The tiny, easy to move pieces allow them to be independent and use their imagination to play.

Playmobil Oct-3.jpg

Cairo loves sports and I love that Playmobil offers so many different themed sets. The hockey Playmobil Set comes complete with a hockey player that shoots the puck, cones for drills, pucks, nets, mini locker room etc. It really is a miniature ice rink in toy form! Cairo loved shooting the puck into the net and we know many little boys that love hockey!

Playmobil Oct-1.jpg
Playmobil Oct-2.jpg

This year Kinsely asked for a horse theme birthday and is always looking for horses when we drive by barns. The Playmobil Country collection is perfect for the farm loving child. I’m not goanna lie, I have started my Christmas shopping and I know she will love a Playmobil Country sets under the tree. If you are looking for a quality toy that will encourage children to use their imagination while they play, wander down the Playmobil aisle! There are so many different themes that children will love.