Raincoast Christmas Books

We’ve got a round up of some new favourite Christmas books for the season - all from Raincoast Books. They are heartwarming, joy-filled, and just exciting books that our kids are loving.
So if you are looking for a few to lay under the Christmas tree or add to your holiday reading then scroll down and read below for a little bit of information on each book and where to find them:

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How Airports Work by Lonely Planet Kids - We love so many books by Lonely Planet Kids. Their books are typically educational and always engaging for children. How Airports Work is the perfect book for any child who loves airplanes, loves to travel or loves to know how things work. There any many interactive lift the flap pages as you experience the inside of a jumbo jet, the thermals and even see the control towers.

The Colorful World of Dinosaurs is a beautifully created book. Each page introduces you to a new dinosaur featuring a small write up, list of interesting facts and a beautiful water-colour illustration. Jake will be reading this book for days!

Everything and Everywhere is the perfect book for an explorer or child who loves to learn about the world. Each page takes you to a different destination or area of the world and there is so much to look at! This is a book for the whole family as you can find so many interesting facts and illustrations on each page.

Horse Tales is a lift the flap board book that will quickly become one of Kinsley’s favourites. Each flap you open introduces you to a new horse and there is a fun surprise at the end of the book. This book is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who love animals.

A Year in Nature - This book was full of wonderful surprises. The story takes you through the different seasons through the eyes of a fox family. However, the beautiful illustrations become 3D pop ups and create a visual masterpiece. This book is carefully curated and would be perfect addition for any home.

Miracle on 34th Street - A Storybook Edition of the Christmas Classic - We grew up watching Miracle on the 34th street - but the original version with Natalie Wood playing Susan Walker. It was one of our favourites and quickly became a yearly tradition. This storybook version of the classic story is beautifully illustrated and the perfect book to add to your Christmas reading traditions.

Construction Night on Christmas Night - This book is part of a series we love here in our families. We were first introduced to the book Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, when Jake loved watching diggers work. There are a couple books in the series now, so we were delighted when they came out with a Christmas edition. It is an adorable story of the machines all working together to bless someone else at Christmas (and they all receive a little gift too). Your sons and daughters will love reading this one!

And that’s it! We hope one of these books jumps out at you and possibly makes it into a stocking or wrapped gift this Christmas.