The pur-fect Gum

Good morning and happy Sunday! We have a few fun things planned for this week and one of us is off to Winnipeg (we will let you guess who) but we wanted to chat about an awesome company first and give you $10 off of your online purchase (read more below).

When I was pregnant with Jake my doctor encouraged me to eat no white sugar, no white flour and no white rice during my pregnancy. He painted me a picture of an athlete training for a marathon. Basically my pregnancy was a marathon and what I put into it during the training I would reap the rewards after. So, for 9 months (with the occasional cheat day #pregnancycravings) I ate no white flour, no white sugar and no white rice. One day I stumbled across The PUR Company who makes PUR gum at my local Homesense store. The label read "sugar free" which immediately perked my interest and when I kept reading I found out the gum was also "aspartame free!" Yes please! 

The brand name PUR really says it all. I love this gum because there are so many pure ideas about PUR gum. I love the fact that it is sugar free, gluten free, peanut free and aspartame free! My favourite flavours are anything mint! The spearmint, wintergreen and peppermint have been my favourites for awhile but I recently had the opportunity to test out new flavours! PUR's newest flavours are Chocolate Mint and Bubblegum. I love that my kids will have an aspartame free Bubblegum flavoured gum to chew when they are older! If you are a mint chocolate chip ice cream lover, then the Chocolate Mint flavour is the perfect choice for you. PUR has so many options from mint, fruit, bubblegum and now dessert flavours there truly is something for everyone in the family.

The PUR Company just released mints into their PUR family which I loved. The Mojito-lime, tangerine, and peppermint were bursting with flavour and long-lasting.

Maybe you already have some gum from The PUR Company in your purse or maybe you are hearing about them for the first time, either way, we have a sweet deal for you today! Simply use the code: ilovepur and receive $10 free when you purchase online here. 

I'll be throwing some packs of PUR mints and gum into my traveling bag this week! If you haven't tried PUR gum before, take advantage of the $10 FREE and check it out! Happy chewing!