Snack time with Baby Bjorn

First time mommas, this blog post is for you!! We are sharing one of our favourite baby items from Baby Bjorn that you will want to put on your baby registry. 

Baby Bjorn is a trusted baby brand that we both love! There are so many different brands, companies etc. out there that as a new momma, I was overwhelmed with how many choices there was when it came to baby items. Baby Bjorn creates so many products that we use and love because of their sleek, contemporary look, functionability and the comfort for mamas, daddies and babies. 

But first, who's ready for snack time? Kinsley is!

Baby Bjorn's High Chair is a must have for families! The black and white, sleek and neutral look catches your eye but what is most impressive is its functionality. Underneath the tray there is a dial with a button you simply push and twist and the whole top tray folds forward so you can slip baby into the chair. The straps are easily adjustable so you can fit a tiny little mini like Kinsley or a toddler!

**We interrupt this post to bring you a public service announcement! Today's snack on the menu: Apple circles with cream cheese and a sprinkle of sprinkles for fun! Served up in our beautiful RePlay bowls.**

The top white tray easily pops off so you can quickly give it a wash so its ready to go for the next snack or meal. 

For me personally, my two favourite things about the chair is how compact it is and its aesthetic appeal. The neutral black and white colour combo fits in any home and the chair also comes in a gorgeous light green and light pink if you want a pop of colour! The high chair is the perfect size and my sister packed it up and brought it with her to Palm Spring because it folds up so nicely (even the legs come off easily). 

With three children between the two of us, as mothers we have been through many different high chairs. This is by far our favourite and we think it is the perfect item for a new momma! Baby Bjorn always creates products with families in mind which is why we love this chair. We used their baby carriers when Kinsley and Cairo were infants as well and we have our eye to try out their Play Yard Light for travelling next!